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When you turn to Corporate Wellness, you are connecting with an occupational health partner that understands your requirements and delivers comprehensive services that save time and money, conserve valuable staff resources and offer your employees high-quality employee health and wellness services. Corporate Wellness acts as your company medical department without walls - coordinating clinics, labs, physicians, vaccines, communication with regulatory agencies and information resources.

 Our clients range from small, multi-location environmental consultants to giant cable and communications companies.  What they have in common is a need for broad-ranging health services for employees from pre-placement exams and drug screens through crisis response.

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Total Coverage

Employee health is our business. To provide coast-to-coast and worldwide coverage, we contract with local medical facilities, national laboratories, physicians, nursing services, pharmaceutical suppliers, air carriers and other providers as necessary. We carefully review the qualifications and quality control of all providers to ensure the highest level of service available. We offer a full menu of occupational health services including exams, drug and alcohol screens, background checks, and off site or on site screenings or vaccinations. 

Total Objectivity

Corporate Wellness can provide any single portion of program management or implement turn-key programs. Many employers agree that having a third-party administrator for occupational health programs adds an objectivity that makes these programs better designed and more legally defensible.

Expecting the Unexpected

Many of Corporate Wellness' services address preventive measures. But our clients also prize our ability to respond effectively to a wide range of unexpected occupational health crises. When unusual circumstances arise, our resources and networking allow us to provide unparalleled support - from pandemic response to customer or guest illness.


Physical Examinations
Drug-Free Workplace 
Wellness Screenings

- Preplacement/ Periodic / Exit

- Fitness for Duty


- Drug and Alcohol Screening

- MRO Services

- Influenza

- Hepatitis A

- Hepatitis B

- Travel

- Cholesterol

- Blood Pressure

- Vision

- Cancer

OSHA Compliance
Blood & Airborne Pathogens
Exposure Follow-Up


Cost effective medical surveillance program management 

Extensive Experience in Program Design

Corporate Wellness brings extensive experience to our clients who require medical surveillance programs helping meet unique and constantly changing challenges for complex and diverse employee health needs. We work with you to define best practices, address client specific requirements and coordinate appropriate medical monitoring mandated by regulatory agencies with efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Key Components for Solid Program Management

What separates us from others is our tenured, cross-trained Client Service Team, a time-tested proprietary packet system (so that the local clinic has what they need to get your exams done right), unparalleled clinic management and oversight, a rigorous compliance tracking process (with simple task lists emailed directly to your team) and a state of the art client portal. Our secure portal gives you the results and documents your employees need for site access 24/7/365 and it's customized for each client and allows you to determine access levels and control which documents can be viewed or printed. Finally, we deliver a robust nurse triage service for injuries when they occur.

Getting Your Employees To Work Quickly

We arrange pre-placement, periodic and exit exams, vaccinations, audiograms, exposure follow up and injury management – wherever your employees are.  We are adept at helping you get employees ready to deploy quickly to new projects and are able to work with tight turn around times from contract award to the first day of work. We know that billable hours are often critical to your success.  We’re focused on getting your employees to work and minimizing time off the work site for medical surveillance requirements.


Are you  ready to handle the next big medical crisis?

Your first line of defense

Corporate Wellness is your first defense in brand protection and employee and patron or customer health. Our clients deal with health issues on a daily basis from Norovirus to TB; from vaccines for restaurant openings and international travel to pandemic flu or storm response planning. 

Our medical crisis prevention and response programs are tailored  to each client's company structure, internal communications and dynamic needs. We bring our special brand of expertise and calm support to medical crisis prevention and response services. Whatever the challenge, Corporate Wellness is your single resource for good information, an appropriate boots on the ground action plan and help communicating with health departments, managers and employees.

A clinical plan of action

When a manager suspects an employee, patron or community health problem (from E. coli to chicken pox), the first call is to us. 

We go to work (24/7/365 and usually on Friday night of a holiday weekend). We verify the diagnosis, assess risk, arrange for testing or vaccination, communicate  with your management team and health departments, provide good information to everyone and insure that you're doing everything possible to mitigate the situation.

Clients call us for a broad range of health problems - Noro, TB, E coli, Meningitis, Salmonella, Shigella, Campy, Mononuclelosis, Chicken Pox, Flu, and Scabies are often on our top ten list of call topics.

An ounce of prevention

Crisis response services supplement proactive prevention and health promotion activities.  We know that prevention begins by raising the level of awareness throughout the organization.

When there is whooping cough in local schools or illness in a nearby restaurant, we want your managers to pay attention and know that expert guidance is just a phone call away. Working together, with an emphasis on wellness and awareness, we will build a crisis prevention plan that significantly reduces the need for crisis response. Although not every crisis is preventable, many are and others are more easily contained when we get involved early.

Corporate Wellness Brings The Personal Touch To An Impersonal Industry

The Corporate Wellness, Inc. Story

Corporate Wellness acts as your company medical department.  We've been doing this for more than twenty years. We're where you need us, when you need us and that's all you pay for.  No enormous overhead for a company doctor or company nurses, no need to manage a clinic network, medical director or laboratory contracts.  We are a  seamless extension of your EH&S or HR department. Our responsive, knowledgeable customer service team responds quickly and knowledgeably to any workplace health need. And, each time our staff works with a client, we build our expertise to share with you. We relay solutions and program ideas to other clients with similar challenges. Whether you have a single site or multiple locations, we'll design a program to coordinate occupational health services uniformly - ensuring that everyone receives the same quality of care and that the program is administered consistently. 

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